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General Medicine

General Medicine

At Prasanthi, we offer a wide array of departments, We ensure that every patient is treated with dignity, decorum, decency and dedication. Our mission is transcended to realm of curative care with giving to preventive care.

About Department

Prasanthi Hospital is a regional center of excellence for the treatment of all medical disorders. Equipped to deal with all medical emergencies round the clock, including communicable and non-communicable diseases.
A full-fledged Intensive Care Unit & Respiratory Care Unit is available, and is equipped with sophisticated Ventilators and Multi-parameter Monitors. A team of dedicated doctors everyday successfully manages a large number of critically ill patients.

Facilities & Equipment

  • Computerized Pulmonary Lung Function Test
  • Comprehensive Asthma Care Clinic
  • Tuberculosis clinic
  • Lung Biopsy
  • Pleural Biopsy by Abram’s and Cope’s pleural biopsy needles and
  • FNAC lung and tube thoracostomy

Our General Medicine Specialist

Managing Director

Dr. MC Joy

MBBS, General Medicine